A Cura Dom is father to Captain Ru Baraba Dom that doesn't appears in both animes series. His small details written under the backstory of Captain Dom.

Dom comes from noble family of Holy Raalgon Empire and his father works as pilot but he was framed by Naku Ra Wang whom formerly worked as House Dom's vassal. Dom's family removed from the list of dignitaries under the reason of 'treason' which degraded Captain Dom's position in hierarchy. Captain Dom achieves his current position entirely because of hard work, brilliance and experiences.

As a most brilliant strategist of Holy Raalgon Empire, decline of his position affects Ru Baraba Dom greatly because he can just being a Fleet Captain and can't hold important position in the empress's court. Trivial fact is most high-ranking soldier hold two posts in the Imperial court; one position as Captain, Commander or Admiral and the other one as ministers. We don't know whether Dom's father executed for false charge or not because the Holy Raalgon Empire usually executes all prisoners.

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