Empress Goza XVI of the Raalgon Empire, Azalyn (アザリン・ゴザ ラアルゴン帝国の皇帝ゴザ16世のアザリン?, Raarugon Teikoku no Kōtei Goza Jūroku-sei no Azarin) or Azalyn Goza is one of the main characters of The Irresponsible Captain Tylor television series. The Empress of the Holy Raalgon Empire, she succeeded her father, Emperor Goza XV after he suddenly died.

Personality & Character

With her childhood cruelly taken away from her due to her duties as empress, Azalyn tries to put up a tough front for the rest of her empire. When she is around friends, however, she allows herself show much more emotion. Many have taken advantage of her youth and inexperience to manipulate or trick her. She can be rather selfish at times and always expects for her orders to be carried out no matter what. Only when Yuriko points out that her decisions and words have consequences does she truly start to think about others.

Azalyn has a crush on Captain Tylor, who she calls Paco-Paco. He was the first person to allow her to act like the teenager she is and she states that she feels at peace around him. 


Later, her parents were murdered, leaving her to take over the empire at a young age.z

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