Balsarome is a very minor character in The Irresponsible Captain Tylor and its OVA series. He's often seen wearing dark blue or brown cape, green robe and silver arm braces, a standard uniform for the First Officer. Balsarome serves as adjutant for Captain Ru Baraba Dom aboard the Doroume. In episode 8, a male wearing green robe reports to Captain Dom about one enemy vessel had been engaged and destroyed. He further asks Captain Dom about orders should be given to Harumi. Captain Dom tells him to let Harumi monitors Captain Tylor.

Balsarome reports to Captain Dom

Balsarome reports to Captain Dom.

Balsarome appears briefly in the empress court, in both episode 22 and 23. Later in OVA, he's tasked by Captain Dom to save the empress if anything happens. A mysterious man wearing cape with silver arm braces barged into Melva's large prison which holding the empress as captive.

Azalyn: Who are you?

Male : My name is Balsarome. Captain Dom ordered me to protect your, Highness.

Empress Azalyn: Dom did?

Balsarome: Yes, I'm to get you away from here in an emergency.

Empress Azalyn: Very well,then!

Balsarome saves Admiral Lonawer, Azalyn Goza XVI, along with three empress's handmaidens by preparing an escape pod. They are waiting for rescue after the Melva attacked by Red Light.

Balsarome tells the empress Captain Dom asked him to save her.

Balsarome tells the empress Captain Dom asked him to save her.

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