The Soyokaze is an old space destroyer that belongs to the UPSF. It is considered the dumping ground for the troublemakers or the unwanted. Captain Tylor is the current captain of it.

While it is an older model, the Soyokaze is more than capable of holding its own in battle. It has the necessary defenses, shields, weapons, communications, and radars needed, although they may not be as strong as other newer ships. Its biggest weakness is its limited warp capabilities; it can only warp a few times before failing. Unfortunately the ship is often damaged by enemy forces or the crew's antics, and so has to be repaired afterward. 


Ten years before the series, the Soyokaze had been demoted into the demotion sector by Admirals Fuji and Mifune. The crew reportedly became so bored and tired of living in it that they committed suicide by jumping out of the airlock. The captain, distressed by his crew's actions, shot himself in the head. 

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