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The Soyokaze is an old space destroyer that belongs to the UPSF. It is considered the dumping ground for the troublemakers or the unwanted. Captain Tylor is the current captain of it.

The Soyokaze

While it is an older model, the Soyokaze is more than capable of holding its own in battle. It has the necessary defenses, shields, weapons, communications, and radars needed, although they may not be as strong as other newer ships. Its biggest weakness is its limited warp capabilities; it can only warp a few times before failing. Unfortunately the ship is often damaged by enemy forces or the crew's antics, and so has to be repaired afterward. 

Soyokaze bridge

Captain Tylor assigned to the Soyokaze by Admiral Mifune, hoping to see him killed by rogue crews or the enemy instead he won the battle against the Raalgon over and over again. This ship known to be the luckiest ship of the fleet thanks to Tylor's godlike lucks. Later, the Soyokaze has become instuments of peace to win and stop the war.

Soyokaze bridge and console.

Armaments and Specifications.

Armed weapons: 18 phaser cannons (phase ray cannons), 12 long-range laser cannons, 12 photon torpedoes
2 engines, 12 auxiliary propulsion machines, propulsion engine: antimatter fusion reactor, maximum speed: 70% of the speed of light
Carrier-based aircraft: 3 fighters, 1 internal fireboat, 1 shuttle
An Onboro destroyer with Tylor as captain. Later, due to the strength of Tylor's luck, it was given the nickname of "Undefeated Soyokaze." The hull color is blue and the upper part of the bow is painted red.
The ship type is reminiscent of World War II ships such as the Space Battleship Yamato , and the bow is shaped like a naval ram . Two engines are arranged vertically. Ailerons, which are thought to be used for attitude control in the atmosphere, are arranged in a V shape at the rear of the bridge and in an X shape at the bulge at the bottom of the hull. In addition, there are carrier-based aircraft on both sides of the rear of the bridge, and the departure and arrival ports for internal fireboats at the bottom of the ship. The armament is as above in the specifications, but what you can see from the outside is a quadruple rotary type with no gun barrel equipped with 3 units on each side of the bridge and the front Destroid arm, 12 units in total. The flag on the bow spews gas from the pole and flutters in outer spaces
  • Destroid Arms
    • A huge manipulator used for repairing the hull, with two on the front of the bridge and two on the top of the fighter hangar . The tip opens like a magic hand. Built-in atomic burner.
  • Bridge
    • There are 6 seats with consoles, a First Officer seat, and 4 retractable auxiliary seats. The windows have a double structure. The console of the captain's seat is always on, and it has a fail-safe function that immediately switches to the sub circuit even if it is blacked out due to an accident or failure . A raccoon dog figurine and ornamental tomatoes are placed in the interior .
  • Fighter hangar
    • One Gunryu and two Sinryu are stored. In episode 3, the battle between the Marine Corps and the pilot made it tattered.
  • Entertainment room
    • The interior is like a Japanese bar and swimming pool. A place of relaxation for the crew, where you can have a drink or hold a party.
  • Crew living quarters
    • Each crew member has a private room, medical office, entertainment room, bathhouse, and other facilities. The bathhouse is built like a public bath and is large enough for a large number of people to take a bath. The private quarter is equipped with a shower room and kitchen.


Ten years before the series, the Soyokaze had been demoted into the demotion sector by Admirals Fuji and Mifune. The crew reportedly became so bored and tired of living in it that they committed suicide by jumping out of the airlock. The captain, distressed by his crew's actions, shot himself in the head. 

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