The United Planets Space Force (惑星連合宇宙軍 Wakusei Rengō Uchūgun?, lit. Planet Union Space Force) or the UPSF, is the protagonist faction of The Irresponsible Captain Tylor.


Raalgon-UPSF War

There is great tension between them and the Holy Raalgon Empire, prompting the UPSF prepare for war. 

They are all humans who signed up to be soldiers in space. However, when the Raalgon were gaining territory following the death of their previous Emperor, the UPSF seem to have had a lack of new recruits, so they used commercials featuring pretty women to encourage people to sign up. Their military power is great, but when compared to the Raalgon, they are undermanned and underpowered. Thus, they usually think of different tactics in order to win. 

The highest ranking officers in the UPSF are Admirals Mifune and Fuji.

Notes & Trivia

  • The name is a play on the United Federation of Planets (惑星連邦 Wakusei Ren?) from the Star Trek franchise, the Earth Federation Space Force (地球連宇宙軍 Chikyū RenUchūgun?) from the Gundam franchise and the United Nations Spacy (合宇宙軍 gō Uchūgun?) from the Macross franchise.
  • The flag and logo of the UPSF was most likely based on the flag of Japan except with a green "kite" (in some depictions, an irregular four pointed star) centred on the circumference of the red circle. This is perhaps a homage to U.N. Spacy's use of a white "kite" on a red circle as a roundel, as well as being evocative of a star's light being diffracted when its partially covered by another object. This symbol humorously resembles a tomato.

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