There is little known information regarding Duchy of Ashran in The Irresponsible Captain Tylor OVA. From OVA Episode 1 : The Rule of Being 16, Empress Azalyn Goza XVI visits one of her planet conquered by her late father. From linear notes, we learn the planet Ashram ruled by Principality of Ashran, Ashran Royal Family.

Ten years ago, Ashranian Royal Family rebelled against the Holy Raalgon Empire which led Azalyn's father to execute the royal family. The Ashranian held grudge against the Raalgon Empire and they collided with Naku Ra Wang to force war between United Planets Space Force and Holy Raalgon Empire to weaken their power and take control of the galaxy.

In the last episode of OVA : From Here to Eternity, magnetic red light and superweapon created by Duchy of Ashran with the help of Wang pushed both UPSF and Raalgon Empire into a long-dreaded battle. They both joins force to take of their common enemy. Empress Azalyn forced to dissolve monarchy and takes the new title Luccina the First. Together with UPSF, Empress Azalyn forms Pan-Galactic Republic.

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