Emi and Yumi are twin sisters and the daughters of the famous retired war hero Robert Hanner. 
Emi and Yumi Hanner
Emi yumi
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Rank: Beginner Pilots of the Soyokaze
Age: 17
Japanese Voice Actor: Mika Kanai
English Voice Actor: Lisa Ortiz


The two are never seen apart and often finish each other's sentences. When they set their mind to something they can be very determined and persistent. While friendly to everyone in the crew, they often pester Kojiro for flight lessons. They also seem to be a bit oblivious at times, such as how they don't realize how much they annoy Kojiro. They are devoted to Captain Tylor and have great respect for him. Usually they will end up taking his side over others', although there have been exceptions. 

The girls dislike being unable to help aboard the Soyokaze and after a while ask if they can become pilots. While extremely reluctant at first, Kojiro admits that they have exceptional skills for beginners and agrees to teach them.


When terrorists hold them, Yuriko, and Robert Hanner hostage. Captain Tylor, who had gone to their house to deliver a pension check, ended up saving them all from the terrorists' bomb. Afterward they decided to sign up for the UPSF and used their father's influence to be assigned to the Soyokaze under Tylor (Season 1: "The Mysterious Irresponsible Man")

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