Equation of Kindness


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Equation of Kindness  (やさしさの方程式?) is the fourteenth episode of The Irresponsible Captain Tylor. It aired on APril 26th, 1993 in Japan.

It is preceded by Be Prepared, Be Smart, or Be Lucky and is followed by 'Shiny! Happy! (Deadly) Germs!'.


The Soyokaze is currently under repairs after the last battle. Tylor decides to take a break on the nearest planet and takes Harumi with him. However, Tylor forgets his suit and turns around to go back. Shia, a Raalgon captain, shows up with a fleet and is searching for the Soyokaze. With the Soyokaze unable to fight Tylor orders them to turn off all electricity, even though in doing so he would be depleting his own oxygen supply to 30 minutes. As the crew waits for the fleet to leave, Tylor's oxygen becomes dangerously low. Knowing that they can't risk letting the oxygen get any lower, the crew convinces Yamamoto to go against Tylor's orders and to turn the electricity back on. In a daring move the Soyokaze rams and destroys the Raalgon ship. Tylor is saved and returned to the Soyokaze. 

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