For His Was a Genius No Rule Could Contain (掟ひろきうつはもの) is the 26th last episode of the first season of The Irresponsible Captain Tylor. It aired on July 19th, 1993. 

It is preceded by My Way is the Hard Way.


Yuriko and Tyler talk and he tells her two things to tell the rest of the crew: "don't live according to someone else's rules" and "to do what they want the way they want to." Yuriko leaves him and delivers the message to the crew. Some time passes and the crew has gone their separate ways. Yamamato has been promoted to captain of the new cruiser Aso, Kim has become a fashion model, Katori has continued his meditation, Kojiro (followed by Emi and Yumi) has started traveling, Andressen has become a model for artists, the Marines have found a living in fishing, and Dr. Kitaguchi and Harumi have become veterinarians. Yamamato sends them all an invitation to be a part of his new crew aboard the Aso. A few days pass. Just as the Aso is set to launch, the Soyokaze bursts out of the facility with the crew and Tylor as its captain. Yuriko gives up her position as deputy and returns to the crew as well. Meanwhile, Azalyn learns that Tylor is a captain once again. To Shia and Dom's dismay, she orders them to capture him so she can see him again. 

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