Force of One (たったひとりの軍隊) is the 22nd episode of The Irresponsible Captain Tylor. It aired on June 21st, 1993 in Japan. 

It is preceded by Paco-Paco Junior! and is followed by The Longest Day in Space.


Since Tylor let Azalyn leave, the UPSF declares him a traitor and sentence him to execution. Meanwhile, Azalyn discovers Wang's betrayal but is unable to go against him since doing so would cause her empire to fall into chaos. The Soyokaze crew rush to save Tylor. Just before the execution begins Azalyn declares a full out attack on the UPSF. Faced with war, Mifune and Fuji have no idea what to do. Tylor says that he can save them all if they give him control of all the fleets and allow him to live, to which they reluctantly agree. 

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