Emperor Goza XV of the Holy Raalgon Empire is former emperor and father of the current Empress Azalyn Goza XVI of the Raalgon Empire. He is assassinated by Naku Ra Wang to gain power and pushing the blame on UPSF to escalate war.


Personalities and Characters

There is little known about the late emperor of the holy Raalgon Emperor. In the beginning of episode 1, the emperor already died in explosion and leaving his teenage daughter, Azalyn Goza XVI to succeed his throne. From little bit of information scattered around, it's deduced that the late emperor manipulated by Naku Ra Wang to declare war with other major power of galaxy, United Planets Space Force and Duchy of Ashran.


Ten years ago before the series, war declared upon Duchy of Ashran and the Raalgon Force conquered the planet Ashram. The Ashranian Royal family rebelled against the empire possible due to machination of sinister Prime Minister of the Raalgon Empire, Naku Ra Wang. Emperor Goza XV executed entire Ashranian Royal family. Once again, the Raalgon Force won the war when kingdom of Ashran destroyed. The citizen of planet Ashram vows to seek revenge in OVA episode.

At the same time or about ten years ago, war broke out between UPSF and Holy Raalgon Empire. Despite inferiority of technology, UPSF manages to repel the Raalgon attack and obtains small scale of victory. The winning of UPSF and daring battle against the Holy Raalgon Empire actually earns the respect from the Raalgon.

The relationship between the two of major factions, UPSF and Holy Raalgon Empire is not really good when it escalate into cold war where each other waiting for the opposite side to strike first.

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