Katori is the pilot and navigator of the Soyokaze. 
Harold Katori
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Rank: Rank badge G-O First Lieutenant

-Pilot and Navigator of the Soyokaze

Age: 20
Japanese Voice Actor: Ken Narita
English Voice Actor: Ted Lewis


Katori is a well-mannered and calm young man. He is confident in his navigating and piloting skills, and for good reason. It has been shown that he is also an adept driver, able to make incredibly sharp turns with a large vehicle while avoiding enemy fire. 

He often uses buddhist sayings and meditates in his spare time. Due to his peaceful nature he gets along well the rest of the crew. He started to trust Tylor earlier than most of the crew and followed the captain's orders without questions sooner. When the women aboard the ship complain about the men they usually exclude Katori from their criticizing—in fact, it isn't usual for them to gossip with him about it.


  • In the last episode it is revealed that Katori is actually bald and wears a blonde wig.
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