Harumi is a character from The Irresponsible Captain Tylor television series. An Android, she initially served the Holy Raalgon Empire empire by working undercover as a nurse on the Soyokaze.


At first, Harumi is incredible serious about her mission to spy on Tylor and fakes emotions to appear like a normal human being. She knows how to use her appearance to her advantage to manipulate others. She is an expert at espionage and assassination, and so is surprised when Tylor manages to accidentally foil all of her plans. 

The more time she spends with Tylor the more she begins to develop feelings. She is initially extremely confused, especially since she had no idea she could have such sentiments. She has no idea what she is supposed to do with these emotions or how to understand them. This leads to her making a few rash decisions. 

Harumi is a kind person who will gladly help anyone who is injured. She feels extremely guilty that she had been using Tylor and has become fond of him, as well as the rest of the crew. 


She is an android created by the Raalgon Empire to spy on Tylor.

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