Dr. Kitaguchi is the primary doctor of the Soyokaze. 
Hidezaburo Kitaguchi
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Rank: -Doctor of the Soyokaze

-Naval Surgeon

Age: 33
Japanese Voice Actor: Joji Yanami
English Voice Actor: Stan Hart


Dr. Kitaguchi is almost never seen without a bottle of sake. He has a huge stash inside the infirmary and is willing to share with anyone who asks. He has extreme withdrawal symptoms if he goes even one day without a drink, usually ending up extremely clumsy and with difficulty thinking. This is usually not a problem though since Tylor doesn't mind him drinking while on duty.

Not much can bother Dr. Kitaguchi's laidback attitude. He constantly insists that Yamamato calm down and simply try to let things work themselves out when something goes wrong among the crew. He is more introspective than he appears and can tell when something is wrong with a crew member, such as when Harumi started spacing out when she felt guilty about something.

Despite his alcoholism he is an amazing and insightful doctor. His methods, while often crude, are incredibly effective and have saved many lives. He is very knowledgeable about both doctoring and psychology. He works well with Harumi and lets her tend to the more minor injuries herself.
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