In Demotion Does a Woman Bloom (左遷(なが)されて 女ざかり) is the eleventh episode of The Irresponsible Captain Tylor. It aired on April 5th, 1993 in Japan.

It is preceded by Mind's Eyes Half Blind, Headed For a Rough Ride and followed by The Day the Soyokaze Vanished.


Tylor allows the crew to wear whatever they want despite it being against regulations. Kim takes advantage of this and takes to wearing casual clothes. Yuriko insists that she change back and they get into an argument. Later, a fire flares in one of the rooms on the Soyokaze. The door to the room is locked, meaning Tylor is stuck in there with the flames. Kim rushes to the rescue and gets the door open. After putting out the fire Kim and Yuriko decide that there is no point in arguing and gain newfound respect for each other.

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