Kojiro Sakai is a star pilot aboard the Soyokaze. 
Kojiro Sakai
Kojiro 2
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Rank: -Star Fighter Pilot of the Soyokaze

-Second Lieutenant

Age: 19
Japanese Voice Actor: Mitsuo Iwata
English Voice Actor: Buddy Woodward


Kojiro is a hotheaded and prideful person. He frequently buts heads with the Marines over the slighest provocation. His fighter piloting skills are unmatched and he also has a good eye for juding other people's flying abilities as well. He enjoys flying and feels at home in the cockpit.

One of his most notable traits is his apparent gynophobia. When a woman comes close he will become almost aggressive and try to stay away from her as much as possible. Over the course of the series he slowly starts to warm up to Emi and Yumi due to the twins' budding skills as beginner pilots—as long as they don't stand too close to him. He still seems to remain tense when they are physically close to him, however, he has gotten better at enduring it.
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