Makoto Yamamoto is one of the supporting characters in The Irresponsible Captain Tylor television series and its OVA sequel. He is the first officer of the Soyokaze.

Personality & Character

Yamamoto does his best to remain professional and stick to the rules, although he often makes little progress. He is constantly frustrated by Captain Tylor's lack of discipline and understand of military manners. Due to the stress of trying to keep the crew under control, he frequently goes to the medic's office and uses tranquilizers to calm down. 

Despite claiming to be a by-the-books military man, he is often swayed by other people's resolve into doing something different. He has a particular weakness for dramatic speeches. Despite his tough exterior he can be rather emotional and passionate. He can be scared more easily than he would like to admit and is prone to openly crying at sentimental moments.

He is constantly torn between his loyalty to Captain Tylor and the duty to tell the UPSF what is really going on during their missions. He dreams of one day commanding his own ship and is always excited whenever he has the opportunity to temporarily take on the duties of a captain.

Near the end of the series he finally warms up to Captain Tylor and even copies some of his odd methods. As much as he had wanted to be a captain himself, he believes that the only one who can be captain of the Soyokaze is Tylor himself, a fact that he wholeheartedly supports.

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