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The Melva is Raalgon Mother Ship and flagship of the Holy Raalgon Empire. Empress Azalyn herself acts as Captain of the ship. It's also home away from home for Azalyn, the rest of dignitaries and the Raalgon warrior class. It appears more like planet than ship. Captain Tylor spends several episodes exploring this spacious and gargantuan aircraft as he befriends Azalyn Goza XVI, the Raalgon Empress.

When Captain Tylor taken as prisoner by the Raalgon Forces, he sneaks into the Melva kitchen for a snack. Meanwhile, Azalyn feels hungry and decides to sneak out foods from the kitchen. Captain Tylor mistakenly assumed as chief by the empress, while she sneaks out into kitchen. Two of them meets each other and Captain Tylor invites the empress to eat. While touring the ship with Captain Tylor empress Azalyn projects the hologram of her home planet inside massive soldier recreational room.

A throne installed on main hall used by empress to command the warriors and her court. The Imperial Guard Fleets stationed surrounding the ship to defense it. This mother ship also used as base of all strategic and military operation. Large amount of the Raalgon aircrafts with varying speeds, size and strength berthed within the mother ship. Upon departure, each craft ventures through a series of liquid filled canals and finally exits through airlock-like membrane shaped like dome.

Flagship Melva

The size of flagship Melva reaches 18144 meters by its length, 16992 meters by its height and its maximum width is 25488 meters. There is a big city where residents live in the transparent dome on top of the ship as seen in the OVA episode: From Here to Eternity. Near the end of episode, the conniving Prime Minister Wang and his followers rebels against the empire and hold all residents inside the Melva captives. Many childrens run away as fast as they can to hide inside the green glass dome.

Glass dome city inside the Melva attacked.

Like the rest of the Raalgon ships, Melva uses organic technology for energy sources and its armaments. They harvest food sources cultivated inside the Imperial Garden to be distributed to all crews and the rest of fleets. In episode 16 to 18, the empress claims Tylor as her pet and names him Paco-Paco to avoid mandatory execution for captured prisoner of the Raalgon Empire. In the next morning after brainwashing chip implantation, the Empress Azalyn takes Tylor to Imperial Garden. Azalyn picks some speckled orange looking and purple-fleshed fruits while enjoying herself. Captain Dom admits to Tylor that he's never seen the empress so happy.

Azalyn picks some fruits

Captain Dom talking to Tylor in Imperial Garden, Melva.