Cryburn is the co-leader of the Marines aboard the Soyokaze.

Personality & Character

Cryburn's pink exoskeleton.

Cryburn is easy to provoke and will deal with any obstacles with his fists or exoskeleton. Unlike the other Marines, he uses a pink exoskeleton instead of a yellow one. He is even more prone to violence than Andressen and is not afraid to antagonize his own crew. Despite this he still cares for them and will do his best to lead the Marines. 

He is usually seen beside Andressen. Their mutual ideals--namely, violence is always the answer and they only follow the rules they want to follow--means they work well together and have a good idea of what decisions the other will make. This is a helpful trait when they are in battle. 

Cryburn, like the other Marines, often gets into arguments or fights with Kojiro.

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