Mind's Eye, Half Blind, Headed for a Rough Ride

Mind's Eye, Half Blind, Headed for a Rough Ride
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10 Mind's Eye, Half Blind, Headed for a Rough Ride (心眼、近眼、 ドガンドガン, Sasen (naga) sa rete on'na-zakari?) is the tenth episode of The Irresponsible Captain Tylor. It aired on March 29, 1993 in Japan.

It is preceded by When You Wish Upon a Flower and is followed by In Demotion Does a Woman Bloom.


Emi and Yumi are tired of doing nothing and want to be pilots. After much pestering Kojiro gives in and lets them take the pilot aptitude test, which they nearly fail. Despite this Tylor insists that they be allowed to try anyway. Kojiro agrees to let them fly on the condition that they have zero problems during their first flight--something that is said to be impossible. Once launched into space the twins accidentally accelerate toward a nearby planet and are pulled in by its gravity. Kojiro goes after them and instructs them on how to get out. Emi and Yumi successfully make it but then lose contact with Kojiro. Kojiro follows them to discover that he had led them into an asteroid field. He is temporarily distraught, believing that it was his fault that he had led them to their deaths, only to find that they had survived and were flying spectacularly. Kojiro admits that they have great skills and finally agrees to teach them how to fly properly. 

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