Naku Ra Wang is an antagonist in The Irresponsible Captain Tylor television series.


Wang pretends to be loyal to Empress Azalyn, but in actuality he desires to be the emperor himself. He is incredibly intelligent and manipulative, able to twist the opinons of the Raalgon court to his favor. Very few can see through his lies. Even after Azalyn finds out his true intentions, his influence over the people ensures that she is forced to do his bidding or risk her empire falling into chaos. 

These methods are soon found unsatisfactory and he resorts to murder attempts, uncaring of who might get caught along the way. He only cares for gaining more power. 

While normally smug, Captain Tylor is able to say just the right things to get underneath his skin, causing Wang to become enraged. He despises the captain for foiling his plans. 

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