Admiral Donan is an Admiral of Holy Raalgon Empire. He commands the ship Baroume.

Rakuram Do Donan
Species: Raalgon
Gender: Male
Rank: Admiral


Admiral Donan is brash and impulsive warrior among the Raalgon. He dislikes taking advice from others and feels insulted when Captain Dom offers his advice. Plump and big eater, his console surrounded by large amount of meals and drumsticks. Even in the middle of combat, he's seen eating drumsticks and fruits using both his hands.

Captain Dom describes Donan as disgusting ugly man and he feels sorry for the UPSF for having to fight such as man. His tactical ability just as bad as his table manner. Donan charges to UPSF fleet without thinking and prepares to wipe out the United Planets once and for all. His poor strategy and crude tactical ability revealed when his officers picking fight with enemy fleet without investigating who and what they are.

In early episode 6, he is outwitted by the Soyokaze to fight the main fleet and he mistakenly blown giant ballistic missile owned by UPSF. Knowing this he vows to seek revenge on the Soyokaze.

He later tracks down the Soyokaze and chooses strategy which causes his own demise when he fires torpedo towards the star gravity. Energy from red giant solar decimated his fleets and he bids farewell to Captain Dom when there is no way to save Baroume.

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