Robert J. Hanner is a recurring character in The Irresponsible Captain Tylor television series. He is a famous retired war hero.


Robert Hanner is a veteran content with his current life of retirement. Despite not being able to move on his own without technological assistance, he still has great influence in the military. His speech is difficult to understand but he can always find a way to make his point clear. He deeply cares for both of his daughters and often worries about them. While most of the time he seems happy to let others lead him around, if something important comes up he is willing to be stern and insistent.

After his death, Ru Baraba Dom states that Robert was a man who truly understood the essence of war. 


In the first episode, he is being cared for by Emi and Yumi Hanner, his daughters. However, terrorists captured him, Emi, Yumi, and Yuriko and held them hostage against the UPSF. Tylor miraculously saved them and ever since Robert has been fond of him.

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