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Ru Baraba Dom is a character that appears in The Irresponsible Captain Tylor. He's Holy Raalgon Empire, 27th Galactic Frontier Division, 66th Special Detached Fleet, Captain of the Cruiser Doroume. He is one trusted advisor and confidant of the Raalgon Empress, Azalyn Goza XVI. He is commander under direct order of Admiral Yutta Do Lonawer, the Raalgon Minister of Defense and Supreme Commander.

Captain Ru Baraba Dom


Unlike the rest of the empress' court, Dom is completely loyal and truthful to Azalyn. He also speaks frankly with her and does not bow to her every whim. He is rather protective of her and will become enraged if anything harms her.

Captain Tylor is the only one who can make Dom, a typically calm and confident person, become cautious. No matter how much information he receives about him Dom has no idea whether to think of him as a lucky fool or a secret mastermind. He considers Tylor to be his greatest adversary whom he respects. He is also grateful to Tylor for making Azalyn happy.

Apart from that, Dom is mighty, wise and experienced warrior. Among the Raalgon warrior, Captain Dom is the only person who understands Tylor the most because he realizes Tylor believes in the same idea of peace as he does.

Compassionate and sympathetic, he tries his best to minimalize casualty in war. Despite of his soft-hearted personality, he is also ruthless, calculating and intelligent. For that reason, he fails to express his care to his comrades and friends. Among his subordinates, he is the very image of control and exudes the air of nobility.

In the light novels' version, Dom portrayed as arrogant, prideful and merciless Raalgon warrior who believes war as "way of life" In both anime and the light novels, Dom actually has a father, A Cura Dom. Dom's family was framed by Naku Ra Wang as traitor of the empire. It explains Dom's lower position in hierarchy of the Raalgon Empire.


  • Azalyn Goza XVI - He is confidant and trusted advisor for the Raalgon Empress. He always protects her and giving her best advice.
  • Shia Has - Both of them shares good comradeship with each other despite having no love interest. Captain Dom serves as superior officer for Shia Has and under his direct order. Shia Has is Captain Dom's protegee. The protegee is someone whose welfare, training, or career is promoted by an influential person or patronage.
  • Justy Ueki Tylor - Captain Dom considers Captain Tylor as worthy opponent and friends from the enemy side. They both share the same idea of peace in time of war. It's not clearly stated how rank works in the Raalgon Empire but both Tylor and Dom share the same rank or Dom's rank slightly higher than Tylor.
  • Yutta Do Lonawer - Admiral Lonawer is Dom's direct superior of 27th Frontier Division. Lonawer acts as father figure for Dom and they are really close.