Sleeping Beauty (眠れる森の美少女) is the nineteenth episode of The Irresponsible Captain Tylor. It aired on May 31st, 1993 in Japan.

It is preceded by A Place for Confessions and is followed by Well Handled Solutions.


Dr. Kitaguchi managed to save Tylor's life, but because of the damage and the Raalgon mind control chip implanted in his brain, he may never wake up. It is too dangerous to risk brain surgery. Dr. Kitaguchi explains that the only possible way to save him is to sync up Tylor's psyche with someone else's. Yuriko volunteers, but Azalyn jumps in with her at the last moment. They both manage to make their way inside of Tylor's mind. It doesn't take long before Azalyn gives into the temptation to stay with Tylor's sleeping consciousness, leaving Yuriko to convince Tylor that he is needed as their captain. The mind control device dissipates and Tylor wakes.

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