Something's Different About Today


(今日はなんか違う日, )

Episode Data
Episode The Irresponsible Galaxy☆Tylor: #1
Next Today's a Super Hot Day
Japanese July 12, 2017

Something's Different About Today (今日はなんか違う日?) is the first episode of The Irresponsible Galaxy☆Tylor.


Yamamoto 372-go tells Banjo Ueki Tylor to stop fiddling with his banjo as the duo stand by a ship. As explained by Yamamoto 372-go, they are supposed to recover the vessel but if they make one mistake, they'll be swallowed into the space-time fault. Tylor pays no attention, calling him "Yamamoto-kun", much to his chagrin.

Yamamoto 372-go explains to Tylor that the sidereal mega-structure surrounds the solar system they're in with a giant shell, letting them use the energy their star radiates incredibly efficiently, and its radius is one hundred and fifty million kilometers. It is his and Tylor's job to retrieve and sell the debris that collects on the sidereal mega-structure's exterior, however what they just found isn't trash, but a derelict vessel once belonging to the ruthless Raalgon Empire. All of a sudden, Yamamoto 372-go has a stomach ache, despite not possessing a stomach. Tylor tells him to keep things light by not thinking too hard about the situation, strumming his banjo as he says his catchphrase "Let's go!".

In a room, the Raalgon Navi sits by a holographic console near a stasis pod and opens it, gasses clear away to reveal Azalyn Goza CLXVIII. Waking up watery eyed, she asks where "Tylor" has gone. Tylor and Yamamoto-372-go have entered the Raalgon ship and Tylor has a feeling that someone is inside, proclaiming they have to save them, but Yamamoto 372-go says it's too dangerous to proceed because the ship is on the verge of falling into the space-time fault. Tylor ignores his suggestion to turn back because he has been collecting garbage all day long on the outer shell of the mega-structure where no decent people live, spending his entire life with no hopes and dreams and wants to at least rescue a damsel in distress. Yamamoto 372-go reluctantly gives in and extends his arms as deploying four thin black cable-like arms with grab hold of the hull. An escape pod or shuttle of sorts is ejected from the ship just before it falls into the space-time fault. The door bursts open and Yamamoto 372-go flies out screaming, the smoke clears away to reveal Tylor and Azalyn, the latter stoically asks "Who dares to mock me?" Banjo runs towards Yamamoto 372-go saying that they took it easy and it worked out, who sarcastically replies to Tylor that it seems that way. Hearing Tylor's name, Azalyn is stunned.



  • Crunchyroll Premium: July 12, 2017
  • Crunchyroll Free: July 19, 2017


  1. Justy Ueki Tylor
  2. Azalyn Goza XVI
  3. Banjo Ueki Tylor
  4. Yamamoto 372-go
  5. Navi
  6. Azalyn Goza CLXVIII


In the distant future the great hero of the galaxy, Justy Ueki Tylor, has passed on...this story takes place even further into the future. The former United Planets shave slid into decline, and the militaristic Empire has disappeared. Now, the people who were once spread across the Galaxy all live peacefully on on a sidereal mega-structure.

—Opening Narration

Understood, Tylor...

But I don't believe there's any profit to be had in collecting that kind of garbage.

—Yamamoto 372-go reluctantly giving in., 02:11 to 02:17

I have spent two thousand years looking after Empress Azalyn and now, my duty has come to an end. I bid you farewell, my Empress.

—Navi, 03:20 to 03:30


  1. Smile Invitation (Ending)02:49 to 03:19

Notes & Trivia

  • Banjo Tylor says the title.
  • The Crunchyroll subtitles have a typo at 00:17 where "on" is repeated.


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