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00:01, July 5, 2017小出ひかる 高尾奏音 樋口日奈.png (file)1.55 MBFortressMaximus 
23:59, July 4, 2017TIGT Visual 00.png (file)2.07 MBFortressMaximus ( {{File Information |Description=The Irresponsible Galaxy☆Tylor Visual 0 |Source=[ Twitter] |Purpose= |Portion= |Replaceability= |Resolution= |Other Information= }})
01:30, June 16, 2017UPSF Logo.png (file)15 KBFortressMaximus 
02:17, June 15, 2017Wikia-Visualization-Main,tylor.png (file)504 KBFortressMaximus (Reverted to version as of 17:49, November 2, 2016)
02:14, June 15, 2017Community-header-background.png (file)677 KBFortressMaximus 
20:47, June 14, 2017Microstyle-Bold-Extended-ATT 30430.ttf (file)53 KBFortressMaximus ( {{File Information |Description=Font used in the logo |Source=Microstyle Bold Extended ATT |Purpose= |Portion= |Replaceability= |Resolution= |Other Information= }})
23:38, June 13, 2017Community-header-background (file)26 KBFortressMaximus 
11:44, November 23, 2016Wiki-background (file)270 KBFortressMaximus 
23:40, July 30, 2016Favicon.ico (file)361 KBFortressMaximus 
01:46, July 30, 2016UPSF Flag.svg (file)406 BFortressMaximus ( {{File Information |Description=Flag of the United Planets Space Force |Source=Created using inkscape, cleanup with Notepad++ Traced and matched "kite" from File:OVA Original Soundtrack 1 CD.png to the circle from [https://commons.wikimedia....)
01:44, July 30, 2016OVA Original Soundtrack 1 CD.png (file)1.76 MBFortressMaximus ( {{File Information |Description=CD for part one of ''The Irresponsible Captain Tylor OVA'' OST. |Source=[ THE IRRESPONSIBLE CAPTAIN TYLOR OVA Original Soundtrack 1] |Purpose= |Portion= |Replaceability= |Resolution= |Ot...)
13:03, July 29, 2016The Irresponsible Captain Tylor Logo.svg (file)20 KBFortressMaximus 
02:48, July 29, 2016Wiki-wordmark.png (file)6 KBFortressMaximus 
22:10, December 27, 2014The Irresponsible Captain Tylor R1-DVD-Cover.jpg (file)344 KBFortressMaximus 
19:21, September 21, 2014Title Card-1 S1-1.png (file)467 KBFortressMaximus 
22:46, May 22, 2014Wikia-Visualization-Add-2,tylor.png (file)1.27 MBFortressMaximus 
22:46, May 22, 2014Wikia-Visualization-Add-1,tylor.png (file)504 KBFortressMaximus 

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