Admiral Susumu Fuji (ススム・フジ中将?) is a character that appears in The Irresponsible Captain Tylor television series. He is an admiral in and the Chief of Staff of the United Planets Space Force.

Personality & Character

He is usually the one who tries to calm Mifune down when he gets angry, but rarely is he successful. He is more cautious in his plans and worries more. When he sees that Tylor has the pipe of the former Soyokaze captain he shows extreme regret and fear, to the point where he takes back the Soyokaze's demotion. 

In the last episode, Mifune explains to him the reason why he has discovered Tylor is important to the military. Fuji begins to understand and has a reluctant respect toward Tylor.


Susumu believed that if the United Planets Space Force stood by and let the Raalgon Empire to continue its military buildup, they would secede dominion of the galactic frontier to their enemies. As reports said that the new Raalgon Empress was young, and that the imperial forces were more interested in internal power struggle than in war, he believed the Raalgon to be an army without a firm chain of command; nothing but a mob. Moreover, the UPSF troops morale was high and with their talented commanders, seasoned fighters, and modern weaponry. Thus Susumu boldly stated they could smash the Raalgon easily. Therefore, he concluded the UPSDF should commit their entire force to crushing the Raalgon Empire in one decisive attack. He then asked Fleet Admiral Mifune for his opinion but


Justy Ueki Tylor

While Fuji greatly dislikes Tylor, he doesn't have the same unrestrained hostility that Mifune has.

Sesshu Mifune

He is Fleet Admiral Mifune's subordinate.


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