The Marines are a group of soldiers led by Mickey Cryburn and Karl Byorn Andressen.

They are a rough bunch of men who value strength and toughness. They are always ready for a battle and constantly get into arguments and fights with the lone fighter pilot Kojiro. The smallest things will have them fighting against each other, but when an enemy comes along they band together without hesitation. 

Normally they keep to themselves in their own section of the ship and do what they want in their free time. They bristle whenever Yamamato or Yuriko go down there to tell them to clean up. 

While each man has their own weapon, in true battle they use powered exoskeletons. They are strong, durable machines that have claws and can fire small missiles. The exoskeletons seem to be rather small on the inside since the Marines have to crouch to sit inside. 

An exoskeleton.

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