The Ship Sets Sail, but Misgivings Remain


(艦(ふね)は出ていく シコリは残る, Fune wa dete iku shikori wa nokoru)

Episode Data
Previous Hey Ho!: The Happy Pensioned Life!
Episode The Irresponsible Captain Tylor: #3
Next Enemy! Crisis! We Surrender!
Japanese February 8, 1993

The Ship Sets Sail, but Misgivings Remain (艦(ふね)は出ていく シコリは残る fune wa dete iku shikori wa nokoru?) is the third episode of The Irresponsible Captain Tylor. It first aired on February 8, 1993 in Japan.


Tylor is given command of the space destroyer Soyokaze. The ship isn't without its surprises, and its crew of misfits aren't very impressed with their new commander.[1]


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  • The date Tylor made the rank of Lieutenant Commander and Captain of the Soyokaze is "1 April UC 6998". "UC" is a dating system used in the two famous Japanese science fiction franchises; Legend of the Galactic Heroes (where it stands for Universal Calendar. However, the format is XXXX UC) and the bulk of the Gundam series (where it stands for Universal Century and uses the format UC XXXX). The day being the first of April implies Tylor's promotion and assignment to the Soyokaze as its Captain was not a serious move.


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