Today's a Super Hot Day


(今日はぐっと熱い日, )

Episode Data
Previous Something's Different About Today
Episode The Irresponsible Galaxy☆Tylor: #2
Next This Is Here Today
Japanese July 19, 2017

Today's a Super Hot Day (今日はぐっと熱い日?) is the second episode of The Irresponsible Galaxy☆Tylor.


To a startled Azalyn Goza CLXVIII, Banjo Ueki Tylor introduces himself and his partner, the all-purpose robot, "Yamamoto-kun". Azalyn says she is the ruler of the Holy Raalgon Empire, Goza CLXVIII. After Tylor requests her personal name, Yamamoto 372 interjects that they are not even sure the Holy Raalgon Empire even exists nowadays. Feeling mocked, Azalyn shakes Yamamoto 372, but Tylor affirms the fact that the United Planets and the Holy Raalgon Empire no longer exist. Yamamoto 372 explains that no military on the sidereal mega-structure and that everyone lives in peace. Azalyn declares that she will restore the Holy Raalgon Empire by going to the center of the galaxy. As Yamamoto 372 ponders how, Tylor begins playing his banjo, stating that he may know where he can get an interstellar rocket followed by his catchphrase. Seeing Tylor's enthusiasm, Azalyn tells him her real name and allows him to address her as such, too.

Later, at a bar, the trio are surrounded by 10 men pointing guns at them. They have tried to purchase an interstellar rocket from the leader of the Comet Squad, Tranquilizer using only a little bit of cash.



  • Crunchyroll Premium: July 19, 2017
  • Crunchyroll Free: July 26, 2017


  1. Azalyn Goza CLXVIII
  2. Yamamoto 372-go
  3. Banjo Ueki Tylor
  4. Tranquilizer



  1. Smile Invitation
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