This uncredited role is recruiter officer of the United Planets Space Force. He is UPSF Recruiter and warrant officer who interviews Captain Tylor. In episode 1, soon after he saw ads of recruitment for space military, Justy Ueki Tylor went to the nearest recruitment center for interview. He is friendly and sporting man. Even he is doubtful of Tylor's reason to enter military, he is not quick to turn down the recruit. Instead, he is giving advice to Tylor that he maybe killed in the battle and being in the force not easy life Tylor think it is.

He is the first personnel of United Planets Space Force Tylor meets. He is not convinced by Tylor's but he schedule for Tylor's aptitude test because they are lacking recruit and they want as many as recruit they want to prepare for incoming war against the Raalgon Empire. During aptitude test, Tylor seduces the Android operating the machine and causes it to explode. The Forces took it as a sign of Raalgon's spy nearby and prepare for battle. He is surprised to see that Tylor is still alive despite explosion and comments how lucky he is. He said that war just broke out, why should we care about the aptitude test now, just sign the form at my desk and you will taken care of.

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