When You Wish Upon a Flower


(花占いに 祈りを込めて, )

Episode Data
Previous Life is Short, So Girls Should Kill
Episode The Irresponsible Captain Tylor: #9
Next Mind's Eye, Half Blind, Headed for a Rough Ride
Japanese March 22, 1993

When You Wish Upon a Flower (花占いに 祈りを込めて?)is the ninth episode of The Irresponsible Captain Tylor. It first aired on March 22, 1993.


The Soyokaze has been downgraded and sent out to the boonies. The crew has one chance at redemption: Tylor must appeal order in person before a specified time.[1]


The Soyokaze has been demoted. The crew plead with Tylor to appeal the decision and so he goes to Earth with Harumi and Yuriko. Tylor gets sidetracked when he spots Robert Hanner and ends up spending the day with him. When Yuriko finds him and explains the situation, Robert insists that Tylor go. Unfortunately, they don't make it to the office in time to appeal, leaving the crew in distress.



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