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Yuriko Star is a character that appears in The Irresponsible Captain Tylor television series. She is a Lieutenant Commander on board the Soyokaze


Yuriko is seen as uptight and incredibly controlling by most. She is not afraid to tell anyone in the crew, especially Tylor, if they are doing something wrong. Everything she does is done by the rules and she does her best to make sure everyone else does as well, with varying results. She also believes in leading by example and is willing to get her hands dirty to do so, such as taking the role of janitor in one episode to encourage the rest of the crew to clean up after themselves. 

The separation between between her work life and private life is so large that it often seems like she has very few social relations at all. However, some people have managed to get close enough to reveal her softer side. While she never wears anything other than her standard uniform she has admitted to Kim that she is interested in fashion.

It is not until nearly the end of the series that she finally understands what Tylor has been trying to do the whole time. She finally begins to appreciate his methods and his kind ways. 

It is revealed at the end of Musekinin Kanchou Tylor: Tokubetsu Hen - Hitoribocchi no Sensou Episode 1: An Exceptional Episode, that she and Tylor are in love. They eventually marry and have children: Katsuya Ueki Tylor Jr., Victory Kisara Ueki Tylor, and Destiny Norika Ueki Tylor. She lives an extremely long life, finally dying at age 150.


In the second episode she is held hostage during a terrorist plot to kidnap a retired admiral. Tylor managed to defuse the situation and save her along with the admiral and his daughters. Afterward ,she joined the UPSF in order to give her life structure. She applied specifically for the Soyokaze so that she could reform the crew into proper soldiers.