Admiral Yutta Do Lonawer is the Raalgon Minister of Defense and Supreme Commander. He's also main commander of 27th Frontier Division. In The Irresponsible Captain Tylor, he plays a very minor role and the first one to know about Prime Minister up to no good but lacking support to stand up by himself. Lonawer is father figure to much younger warrior and Captains. First seen in Episode 1 where he was waiting for the edict from the empress along with the rest of court member. He silently opposes the Prime Minister and feels happy when the empress Azalyn Goza XVI doesn't take all advices from Wang. Later, in The Irresponsible Captain Tylor OVA, the Raalgon Admiral Lonawer plays more noticeable role when he opposes Wang directly and broadcasts the desire for the Raalgon Empire to enter peace conference with United Planet Space Forces.

Yutta Do Lonawer
Species: Raalgon
Gender: Male
Rank: Admiral
Japanese Voice Actor: Toku Nishio
English Voice Actor: Stan Hart


Yutta Do Lonawer is kind-hearted and reasonable Admiral of Holy Raalgon Empire. Among the Raalgon in the empress's court, he is a few people who knows about Wang's treacherous and evil plan. Even if he knows, he is too weak to stand up against Wang's rhetoric and manipulation of opinion in court.

Admiral Lonawer is the only one who takes care of young Captain under his wing and guides them. He prefers more honorable ways of winning the battle. When Captain Tylor captured by the Raalgon's forces and imprisoned in the Melva flagship, he comments that Captain Tylor doesn't appear as capable captain. Ru Baraba Dom quickly advices most Raalgon's people to not be fooled by Tylor's outward appearance, beneath it lies tactical genius full of great plans.

During the captivity of Justy Ueki Tylor, he is swayed by Captain Tylor's opinion and secretly happy to find an ally from enemy side. He initially angered when Tylor mocked him and Naku Ra Wang but he is swayed by Tylor's point when he realizes Captain Tylor knows about Wang's evil scheme.


  • Ru Baraba Dom family framed by Naku Ra Wang as traitor and weaken his position in hierarchy of Holy Raalgon Empire. Luckily, Admiral Lonawer recognizes brilliant talent of Dom and assigns him as one of Raalgon commander. It's stated on the back of CD cover.
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